Welcome to Del Callar Law

The Philippines is in a new era of economic growth, one coinciding with a rising demand for electricity. For all that has been said on the country’s energy sector, it remains a field full of opportunities. With the growing importance of renewables, there’s much untapped potential too, waiting for anyone enterprising or willing to delve in. The challenge, though is navigating past the myriad legal hurdles and pitfalls, especially with how the number of local law offices with such expertise remains relatively low.

What better time than now for Del Callar Law to do its part? Although the firm in its current form has been around since January 9, 2009, Atty. Cyril C. del Callar and his team have decades of experience, in-depth knowledge and expertise behind them. Through providing legal services and networking with those with advisory, financial and technical know-how, the law office firmly holds on to its position in the forefront of the industry. All the while helping prospective clients find their way through an ever-changing energy landscape.

So on behalf of all of us, welcome to Del Callar Law. We are more than happy to be in service.