Welcome to Del Callar Law

Del Callar Law is a Philippine-based law office specializing in energy law. Our primary focus is on the Philippine energy sector and the practice of law in relation to this, with a strong emphasis on the development of projects in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply sectors. We provide legal, technical, financial, commercial, and regulatory advisory services to private investors, project developers, private and public companies, government corporations, and other public sector entities. Through our team members’ individual specializations, we offer legal consultancy, market entry strategies, investments, divestitures, project development and regulatory issues. With growing demand, our practice also covers infrastructure (roads and transportation) and utilities (oil, water and gas).

Through our consulting services, we offer a broad array of opinions, services and commercial advice on power plant projects, be it for conventional (coal, geothermal, oil, and gas) or renewable resources (hydro, solar, biomass, and wind).

Our Vision

Del Callar Law is committed to delivering to clients, both local and foreign, timely and high-quality results through an intimate knowledge of energy law, the local markets and the local regulatory environment. We are also committed to providing ”hands-on” project development services to our clients and advising them with cost-efficient, valuable and forward thinking solutions.